Laser Engraved Wood Plaques

We directly laser engrave your text, logo, or images to wood plaques. A variety of types of wood are available for laser engraving. For best results we recommend cherry and alder. Bamboo is another good material and African Mahogany is available by special order.

Some woods like walnut and oak can be laser engraved - but the results are often not as readable.

PRODUCTION TIME ON THIS TYPE OF ITEM: Generally 4-5 business days to ship or pickup for new orders, 3-4 business days for repeat orders of past designs. Rush production is available.

Laser engraved wood plaque
This wood plaque is 18" x 24".

Closeup of a laser engraved wood plaque
A closeup of the laser engraved logo.

Laser engraved bamboo plaque
A 7" x 9" laser engraved bamboo plaque

Photo of a laser engraved logo
It's possible to laser engrave logo and even photos into wood plaques

photo of letters deeply burned into wood
When you laser engrave with a focus on quality there is a depth to the lettering as shown in this example.
Photo of finely detailed laser engraving into a wood plaque
An incredible level of detail is possible with laser engraving when you start with the right wood, highly detailed artwork, and use the right production processes.

Contact us for a quote based on the size of the plaque, the amount of text, and whether or not you'll be incorporating photos and/or logos or other artwork. The more information we have the more quickly we can finalize a quote for you.

The most common plaque sizes are 7" x 9", 8" x 10", 9" x 12", 10.5" x 13", and 12" x 15". Some larger plaques like 24" x 18" (cherry only) are available.

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