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Is There Some Sort of Online Shopping Cart?

Unfortunately no. Given the nature of our custom quoted orders and repeat annualized awards we don't have an online shopping cart.
At the top of this page you will see some links to a few of our suppliers online catalogs.
Review those and then get back to us with part number(s) and qty for a quote on personalization. Please include details on your requested time frame and what you want personalized.

Also please feel free to Contact Us - as we would be glad to quote your project if it's within our capabilities.

Our layouts and quotes are provided at no obligation to you. If any graphic design work would ever require charging you (and that's rare), we would have you authorize that before beginning.

How to Submit Text

The easiest way is to send us your text in the plain text body of an email. For a more complicated submission (like the names of 200 donors and their inscriptions) Excel files work well - but rest assured that we can work with many types of files.
Having a digital file that we can copy and paste the text out of is an ideal way to avoid transcription errors and save you production time and cost.

Photo Related Projects

Don't worry if what you have to provide is not perfect. In-house we have very advanced Adobe Photoshop capability to edit photos, remove flaws and people and backgrounds from photos, etc. On virtually all projects we can provide a very good preview or simulation of what the results will look like.

Logo Related Projects

Legally we cannot reproduce a logo (for example a professional sports team's logo) without the permission of the copyright holder.

To reproduce your logo (and this varies by the type of process being used and the size of the logo on the final product) we are ideally looking for vector font-outlined .EPS / .AI / .PDF format. That would provide for the best results regardless of project.

If you have any only raster image (artwork composed of small pixels of colors) we may be able to work with it - but we need to see it. Please send the highest resolution quality you have available.

Unlike what the police procedural TV shows will tell you - there isn't a magic "Photoshop: Enhance" button that turns a low resolution photo or logo into something that prints crisply on a billboard. There are ways to enhance poor photos or low resolution logos, but there are limits to those methods.

Starting with vector outlined files (like the original graphic designer probably set up your logo for you) will lead to the best outcomes.

How To Pay For Your Order

Once we have agreed upon all the details of your order we can email you a finalized invoice/quote as a .PDF file. There are several ways to make payment (such as mailing a check or paying over the phone with a credit card) - and we are also able to accept online payments by emailing you a link to make payment processed through PayPal, but no PayPal account is needed.

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