Etched Metal Plaques

Wausau Awards & Engraving offers a variety of custom made cast plaques and etched metal plaques for the purposes of recognizing individuals, capturing historic footnotes, or dedicating a building - elegantly and permanently.

Etched metal plaques feature text and artwork that is chemically etched (recessed) into the surface of the metal, and then paint filled. With cast plaques the letters are left raised.

Below are a few past samples. Please contact us to request a quote or if you have any questions. Options include bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, or copper. The process does not work with aluminum. These also cannot be done on your provided metal pieces.

PRODUCTION TIME ON THIS TYPE OF ITEM: Generally 1-2 business days for artwork and design
then 24-25 business days to ship or pickup. Rush production is not available.

photo of a chemically etched copper plate recessed areas filled by white paint
photo of a stainless steel plate with etched letters and decorative designs

How To Receive A Quote

To provide an informed quote on your project we would need to know a couple things:

1) Review the etched plaqueOrdering Options and let us know which you think are closest to your vision. We would also be glad to discuss each option with you at more length.

2) Do you have a specific or at least rough idea of the size you'd like the plaque to be?

3) Will there be text only or also logos or photos incorporated?

4) Do you have a general idea of how much text you're looking to have on the plaque?

5) Would you prefer square, circle, rectangle, oval, or some other shape?

6) What kind of wall or object are you thinking of mounting the plaque to? (Stone, pillar, brick, drywall, concrete, something else?) [In other words do we need to plan to leave room for mounting holes?]

If you email or call with that information, we can pretty quickly give you a ballpark price. We'd also be glad to set up an initial proposed layout (no obligation) to see if your project can fit on a plaque of the size you intend.
We can also quote you on the smallest size possible with your artwork - and then quote you the next several larger sizes up.

chemically etched bronze photo
etched text and photo into bronze plaque

bronze plaque with etched photo and text
a hall of fame recognition award in bronze

Option 1 - Metal

Stainless Steel (type 304)




Option 2 - Thickness




Option 3 - Paint Fill Color

Black (most common and possibly the most readable)

White (works well with copper)

Many other fill colors are possible and multiple fill colors per etched plaque are sometimes possible. Contact us about your project.
Pantone color matching is also possible at an additional cost

Option 3 - Edge

Straight (standard) 90 degree angle

Bevel edge (41 inch degree bevel applied at one half the plaque thickness - not available for 1/16" thick)

Option 4 - Mounting Method

"Blind" Stud Mount (1/4" thick holes are drilled and tapped, thinner plaques have a stud boss welded to the back)

Double face tape (a strong self-adhesive option, for indoor use only)

Hole Mount - please specify wood, concrete, brick, etc. so we can provide the right mounting hardware. The heads are typically painted to match the fill color.

Option 5 - Clearcoat


Satin (standard)

Semi-gloss (historically popular)


Option 6 - Does the artwork include photo reproduction or a logo?

Contact us regarding costs for this as there are several factors.

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