Donor And Memorial Trees

Three dimensional sculptures of detailed metal or wood are an extraordinary attention getting device. Metal leaves are added as engraved donor names or inscriptions visually mark the gradual accomplishment of your goal. Trees come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can vary in the number of leaves from 100 to 300 and beyond.
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A 200 leaf tree of gold, silver, and copper leaves. A 200 leaf tree of gold, silver, and copper leaves.
A donor recognition tree consisting of 200 gold and silver leaves.

A 300 leaf tree consisting of just gold and silver leaves.

A gold, silver, and copper 100 leaf tree.

A three color 100 leaf tree.

Available accessories include cast bronze stones, acorns, and Corian clouds

Several kinds of accessories are available to indicate major donors or special recognition.

Gold leaf growing tree with header letters

Header letters for the dedication are also available like above this 300 leaf growing tree.

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