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Leather Laser Engraving

UPDATE: As of 9-10-2013 we are discontinuing providing laser engraving on individual and small run leather items, especially high value leather that cannot be easily replaced.

We have encountered too much variability in the processes used to make the leather which sometimes leads to poor results. With your leather projects we absolutely need samples to test on and determine the proper laser settings, and with a unique or one of a kind item that is not possible.

We will continue to work with production runs in which you can provide materials to test and, and/or are crafting the leather items yourself so you are providing more easily replaced flat blank leather pieces and not finished goods.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

We laser engrave light colored leather including wallets, portfolios, journal covers, and more.

Laser Engraving means to laser burn a text, logo or design into the leather. In the laser engraving process on leather, we can burn any text, logo, or design that we can setup on the computer. The quality of the final imprint depends on the original artwork. If you have a vector format file of your logo, that quality will be very good. High quality JPG files may work as well. Contact us if you have any questions. We can also set-up artwork for you and have a variety of shapes and clipart on file.

Laser engraving on leather works best on light or brown colored leathers. We will not laser engrave black leather, the final result is a mark that is slightly visible from certain angles but is not very readable.

For black leather, we recommend engraved metal plates affixed to the surface which can hold either text or logos.

The specific nature of your leather item determines the manner of engraving, embossing, or debossing we will be able to perform on the item. In most cases, it is best for us to see your item or a picture of your item before we make a recommendation on which process would be best to permanently mark your item.

Please Contact Us with orders or questions.


laser engraving military logo on leather holster

Laser engraving of a military logo on a leather holster.


laser engraving a photo on leather

Laser engraving of a photo on leather.


laser engraved leather iPad cover

A laser engraved leather iPad cover.

Leather laser engraving

A Laser Engraved Leather Hunting & Fishing Journal


Laser engraving on leather

Closeup Of A Laser Engraved Leather Journal


A Beautiful Laser Engraving Logo On Light Leather
The Lighter The Leather, The More Visible The Result


A Laser Engraved Knife Sheath




We get many requests for laser engraving on black leather. Unfortunately the resulting mark is not very visible. As you can see in the two photos below, the mark is either somewhat visible or not visible depending on the angle of the light. For some clients, a subtle mark is an acceptable result. Contact us to discuss your project.


black leather laser engraving is only visible from some angles

Black leather laser engraving is only visible from some angles.


laser engraving on black leather is not very visible from many angles

As you can see, laser engraving on black leather is not very visible from many viewing angles.


Ideal leather for laser engraving is light tan or medium brown in color.


Please Contact Us with orders or questions.



Email: Information@WausauAwards.com

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