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Wausau Awards & Engraving produces several types of small plates suitable for identifying items such as stainless steel for industrial machines, brushed brass plates (see below) for wood cabinets, black anodized aluminum for outdoor planted trees, and more.

Our most common item identification plates would have the follow options:

Material: Brushed Brass (most popular) or Brushed Silver

Letters: Darkened (most popular) or left undarkened (shiny)

Corners: Nicked (most popular), Square, or Rounded

Mounting: Double sided adhesive tape (most popular) or 2 Screw Holes

engraved brushed brass plate

An engraved brushed brass plate with darkened letters and nicked corners.


For some projects, our Flexbrass (plastic plate) option is the best method for identifying an item with a plate. On rounded surfaces or places where very small engraving is necessary, Flexbrass allows us to produce small self-adhesive gold or silver plates with black letters.

Prices are based on the size of the plate you need, as well as the number of engraved characters. For a quote on your project and to discuss options, please Contact Us.



Email: Information@WausauAwards.com

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