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Etched Plaques

Wausau Awards & Engraving offers a variety of custom made cast plaques and etched metal plaques for the purposes of recognizing individuals, capturing historic footnotes, or dedicating a building - elegantly and permanently.

Etched stainless steel plaque

A stainless steel plaque that was chemically etched and paint-filled. These plaques are then sealed with a hardened polyurethane acrylic that is baked on. The size of this particular plaque was 34" x 14" x 1/4" thick.


Closeup of an etched stainless steel plaque

Closeup showing chemically etched letters into stainless steel that are paint filled.


Stainless steel plaque that was etched and paint fulled with multiple colors

A chemically etched stainless steel plaque that was paint-filled with three colors.

Closeup of a stainless steel plaque that was chemically etched and paint filled with multiple colors

Closeup of an etched and paint-filled stainless steel plaque.


Combination Etched & Cast Bronze Plaque

Combination Etched (Wausau Awards logo) and Cast (Large Letters) Bronze Plaque


etching of photos is possible

Photos Can Be Etched Like This, As Half-Tone Images
That Resemble Newspaper Photographs


Closeup of a Combination Etched and Cast Bronze Plaque

Closeup Of A Combination Etched and Cast Bronze Plaque

One limitation of cast plaques is that letters must be of a certain minimum size depending on font. Logos must also be a of a certain level of simplicity to cast correctly.

Etched plaques allow us the flexibility to etch smaller letters and more intricate logos.

Etched Bronze Plaque

Etched Bronze Plaque



Etched Bronze Plaque Closeup

Closeup of an Etched Bronze Plaque


Etched Rotary International Logo

Etched Rotary International Logo Into A Plaque


Etched plaques are available in Stainless Steel, Bronze, Brass, and Copper. Price is based upon size and complexity of text and artwork. Contact us to order or for a quote.

Our Cast Bronze and Cast Aluminum plaques can also have etchings incorporated into certain areas.

brass etched plaque

bronze etched plaque

copper etched plaque

stainless steel etched plaque


copper etched plaque

Etched Copper Plaque with Black Colorfill


stainless steel etched plaque

Circular Etched Stainless Steel Plaque With Logo And Blue Color Fill


etched stainless steel

Etched Stainless Steel Plaque


etched brass plaque

Etched Brass Plaque With Single Line Border



Email: Information@WausauAwards.com

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