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Big Bull Falls Brewery Tile Mural

A 36" x 42" tile mural composed of 6" square ceramic full color tiles.

A 36" x 42" Corporate Logo Tile Mural

This is a tile mural installed recently in the Wausau area.
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Do you have a digital photo, a physical photo, or homemade artwork in mind? If not we can provide stock photography or artwork to choose from.


Eau Claire Full Color Tile Mural:
4.5' x 2.5' Mural From a Digital Photograph

Shown here is a custom tile mural recently installed in the Wausau area
Each tile is 5 3/4" square. The finished mural size is 52.7" wide x 29.3" tall.

Please Click Photo for a Closeup

Please Click Photo for a Closeup


The Artwork Process

This digital photo was taken July 5th, 2004 at the Dells of the Eau Claire, east of Wausau, WI. It was taken using a Nikon Coolpix 8700 digital camera.

The photo was only 300dpi at 10" x 8", although the camera is capable of higher quality settings. This photo was still sufficient for us to use to produce a high quality tile mural.

Please Click Above Photo for a Closeup


Some minor digital edits were made, including the removal of some graffiti on the rocks, and this sunbather. We perform in-house professional digital photo editing and can remove a variety of blemishes and photograph elements.

Please Click Photo for a Closeup


Please Click Photo for a Closeup


Please Click Photo for a Closeup


Photos of the Installation Process

Please note that installation is not included with purchase price of custom tile murals. You must install yourself or pay for those services from a local professional tile installer.

Please Click Photo for a Closeup


Please Click Photo for a Closeup


Please Click Photo for a Closep

Please Click Photo for a Closeup


We also have another web-site just for our tile murals:



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