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Prepare to make a stunning impact on customers, clients, and vendors as they open the doors to see your huge full color floor mural.

Dramatically customize your commercial space by letting us permanently embed your corporate logo, digital and film photos or original artwork into glass or scratch resistant-ceramic tiles. A library of stock images is also available.

Once installed, they make for beautiful murals suitable for walking on.

Digital rendering of a corporate logo tile mural created as a preview.

Digital rendering of a corporate logo mural we created as a preview.

Completed corporate logo tile mural prior to installation.

Completed corporate logo tile mural prior to installation in a New York office building.


An installed floor mural



Graphic design imprinted on a 6" x 6" full color scratch resistant ceramic floor tile.
The sense of depth is generated entirely by the design. The surface of the tile is flat.


Scratch Resistant Ceramic Floor Tile

Logo on a single 12" x 12" ceramic floor tile. It was inset into the larger tiles by the customer's installer.


An actual commercial floor mural.
Tempered glass tiles with a textured surface are used.
The image is protected by the entire thickness of the glass tile.


We also have another web-site just for our tile murals:


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